We are a training and coaching academy that serves Christian entrepreneurs and business owners with both spiritual and biblical business principles and practical networking, sales, and marketing strategies in order to grow a mission-driven business holistically.

Our mission is to help business owners, entrepreneurs and solo professionals become more profitable and purposeful and achieve personal, relational, spiritual, and financial freedom.

Our goal is to provide you with the support and community to grow in both faith and business skills to live out your calling in the marketplace.

We show Christian/Non-Christian business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals how to discover their God-given purpose, engage their passions and create a profitable business venture that supports their personal mission in life while having the freedom to invest themselves in their families, friends, loved ones and offer more to their churches and communities using our unique business training and coaching systems.

The school’s mission is to recruit and develop the next generation of leaders & future entrepreneurs, either traditional and/or non-traditional, to execute and develop successful businesses that will increase our communities’ heritage and culture.