The W.G.M.I. Center was birthed by Dr. Perry L. Austin as a vision to equip people in their everyday lives to include the marketplace (aka Work) And to live out their purpose as Kingdom Culturalists. So as God directed his path to establishing a Church (W.O.W. Gospel Ministries International) and a Business & Leadership Academy (Leverage Academy of Leadership & Business) he found out that instead of life being compartmentalized to see faith as an asset and not a liability beyond Sunday Service and weekly bible study. So as the Holy Spirit directed his path, he combined both organizations under one roof to meet the needs of those who God has chosen for him to equip.

So, the W.G.M.I. Center was born, and it is a ministry that takes a whole – life disciple & vocational approach to sharing the gospel in the marketplace.

“We are teaching and inspiring believers with a holistic faith approach that affects their lives and work in the marketplace” says Dr. Austin. We do this by providing them with tools and techniques as well as resources through education, spiritual, life, and vocational coaching.

We are here to increase the footprint in the marketplace of Kingdom citizens that will change the culture to Glorify God by abiding his love and teachings in a world that needs direction.

This virtual as well as local space is a place to gather not just for information but as well as inspiration! To gain strength to reach the masses to learn, live, and lead others in the marketplace to the source which is Christ Jesus!