Bishop Perry L Austin, a native of Bridgeport, Conn, was born the last of 12 children (originally 18 children) to Delores Austin and the late Clarence Austin. He was raised by his grandmother Lulu Stewart from the age of 3 months till 17 years of age. Perry attended private schools in Bridgeport Conn graduating from Kolbe Cathedral High School in 1983. Perry served his country in the Army where he was a Satellite Communications Tech. He was awarded the Army Accommodation Medal for excellence in organizational effectiveness and leadership.

Perry was baptized at an early age at Shiloh Baptist Church in Bridgeport Conn; but after a life well lived Perry rededicated his life on Oct 28th 1998, where he began the journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ!

In 1998, he received his “call” to the ministry of service as he began his service as an Ordained Deacon for New Life Deliverance Evangelistic Church. Rev. Austin served under the leadership of Apostle Jessie Debraux for 5 years. During his time with Apostle Debraux Rev. Austin also served in the health care community aiding, assisting, and educating people on the east coast as an Ambassador for Health care.

During that time Perry felt a burning desire to start his morning off with God. And during the journey he asked for a few business associates to pray over a phone line every morning. This was to give back their first fruits of time to God. During this time God took this awesome group of men and women in the marketplace and developed a ministry to serve the people of God every morning with a fresh word. The ministry was then named W.O.W. Gospel Ministry.

The acronym W.O.W. stands for Walking on Water, for we can continue to walk on water and do miraculous things as we keep our eyes on Jesus!!! In 2017 the ministry went International and is now called W.O.W. Gospel Ministries International

Perry L. Austin (then Deacon) was ordained as a Reverend on July 26, 2009.

Once again hearing the “call,” this time to the office of Overseer, Perry humbly submitted under the covering of Dr. Johnny Edwards and Dr. Saundra Edwards of True-Life Restoration Christian Center in Ocilla, Georgia. Currently he serves and oversees W.O.W. Gospel Ministries “An Expression of Faith” in Chesapeake, Virginia. Dr. Perry L Austin is also founder of several organizations and started movements one was called The Kingdom Culture Connection Movement which engages believers to live out the culture “everyday” of the Kingdom of God and The Kingdom Technology Alliance which is an online platform for digital ministries to have a united voice over the Internet.

Bishop Dr. Austin is working on several projects that range from inspirational leadership development summits, financial literacy workshops & personal development conferences. He is also the founder of Leverage Academy of Leadership & now The W.G.M.I. Center.

Bishop Austin is a graduated from University of Maryland where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication. A bachelor’s degree in project management and an Associate Degree in Mobile Technology Communications.

In April 2013 Bishop Austin received an Honorary Doctrine in Christian Leadership from Rodney Jackson International Bible College & Seminary a fully accredited School of Theology with 4 Branch Campuses in the USA. In 2018 Dr. Austin was then consecrated to Bishop Austin where he serves as the International Leadership Chairman for the UPHCOAB (United Pentecostal Holiness College of Apostles and Bishops)

Bishop Dr. Perry L Austin is an innovator, motivator, teacher, preacher, and promoter of the Human Spirit to accomplish those things in which God has ordained. He believes that with the power of faith, all things are possible for those who believe! “We have the ability to create or destroy our lives based on our last reference point. It is up to us that if our last reference point (experience) is good, which is based on our expectation of what is good, then we WILL be able to see the manifestation of God”!

Dr. Austin & his wife Kimberly serve 6 days a week 2 hours a day at 6:30 am – 8;30 am, for the past 12+ years with a teleconference ministry that teaches how to live your life as a Kingdom Culturalist by studying out the word in leadership business, friendship, family and community with God daily!

Dr. Austin has a wife Kimberly of 27 years and 6 lovely children Shante’, India, Shelby, Lorenzo De ‘Vaughn & Isaac. Also, his 5 grandchildren.

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